3×3 BB Rules and Regulations

Melby Memorial 3×3 Basketball Tournament
Tournament Rules and Regulations

Ground Rules

Carry-in beverages, including alcohol and food is allowed. There will be food trucks also available during the day.
Please begin play promptly as soon as both teams are available. If a team is unavailable within five minutes of DJ announcement, the game will be considered a forfeit.
All participants must be listed on roster and sign waiver prior to the start of first game. Each team consists of three players, with one substitute allowed.

Schedule and Formats

*8:45 Captains Meeting
*9:00 Tournament begins
*There are 2 age divisions: 15-17 year old and 18+
*Tournament will be double elimination with no pool play.

General Play Rules

*All games will be officiated
*Games will be played to 21 and have to win by 2; scoring with 2’s and 3’s.
*A rebound ball has to be taken back to the 3 point line

*NO intentional fouling such as, but not limited to, wrapping your arms around an opponent to stop a possession
*Only 1(one) warning for an intentional foul per team for the whole tournament
*A second intentional foul will result in a forfeit of the remainder of the tournament
*Intentional fouling will be at the discretion of the referee

*Please refrain from foul language and gestures
*This tournament is a charitable event; please be respectful of the rules, referees and spectators.