Rules and Regulations

Melby Memorial Volleyball Tournament
Tournament Rules and Regulations

General Play Rules – Applies to both Pool Play and Tournament Play

  • Carry-in beverages (including alcohol) and food is allowed.  There will be food trucks available as well.
  • This is a long tournament; please keep the pace of the games up, but have fun.
  • All participants must be listed on roster and sign waiver prior to the start of first pool play game.
  • Rally scoring for both Pool Play and Tournament Play games.
  • Winning captains are responsible for reporting scores. Scores will be used to determine the seeding of the brackets.
  • Following pool play there will be a double elimination tournament with format TBD based on number of teams.
  • Each team consists of 4 players on the court – 2 guys maximum, 1 girl minimum.
  • Rotation applies to serving order only – players do not need to rotate positions during the course of play.
  • Teams are responsible for calling their own fouls. Please be honest with your calls – replay any disagreements.
  • No Girl Rule.
  • The wood posts (6”x6”) are the antennas, however if the ball contacts the wood dowel at the end of the net it is “Out”.
  • The ball is out-of-bounds if you need to go into another court to make a play – regardless of when contact is made.
  • If trees interfere with play, then it acts like a ceiling indoors. Players may play off tree to continue play.
  • If serve hits net prior to crossing over to the receiving team, it is still in play.
  • Net play should be called on the “honor system” – no touching of the net is allowed.
  • Open-hand tips are NOT allowed. (Examples of allowable tips could be “knuckles, pokies, cobras, etc.”). No open-hand “finger action”/directional tips.
  • Setting the first ball that comes over the net is allowed, regardless of whether it was a serve, a free-ball, etc.
  • If setting the ball over the net to the opponent, the player must be square with the target (eg no side setting). 

Pool Play

  • 5 min warm-up allowed prior to first game only. Please warm up on grass prior to other games.
  • Pool Play will be 1 game to 15; no “win by 2” rule. Switch sides once a team reaches 8 points.
  • Use Rock/Paper/Scissors to determine the choice of serve/side.

Tournament Play

  • 5 min warm-up allowed prior to each game.
  • Tournament play will be 3 games – first 2 to 21 (cap at 25), if necessary third to 15 (cap at 18) switch at 8.
  • Use Rock/Paper/Scissors to determine the choice of serve/side for the first game, and switch for the second. If necessary, Rock/Paper/Scissors again to determine choice of serve/side on the third game.