Trophy & History

The Melby Memorial Volleyball Tournament Traveling Trophy

During our inaugural year of the Melby Memorial Volleyball Tournament (MMVT), our Committee Member, Tami Sprenger, was given the task to find the coolest volleyball trophy she could.  She was told to make it something big, sturdy and impressive.  We wanted to woo the masses with its stature.  She succeeded.  Simple, big and elegant.  

In 2014 at the intermission portion of MMVT2, Tami presented it to the previous year’s team captain and from then on it has become the prestigious traveling MMVT trophy.  A spoil of war, if you will.  It has sparked an unwritten and unspoken competition between teams and captain’s alike.  The ultimate goal, to take home the Melby Trophy!


Each championship team member gets their name inscribed on it and forever go down in history as belonging to the best.  The Stanley Cup?  The Vince Lombardi Trophy?  Child’s play.  The prestigious Melby Memorial Volleyball Tournament Championship Trophy is the pinnacle of all trophy’s!  Although we agree, we have to come up with a shorter name for it.


Sure, it’s encountered its bumps and bruises along the way; what traveling trophy hasn’t?  We’re only happy that the major damage done to it happened while in the hands of Melby Memorial Charities President, Paul Fishbaugher.


The story goes…Paul was taking it to have the previous year’s team plate ordered and placed when the top part of the trophy decided to separate from the bottom part.  We understand Paul stood and looked at the bottom portion sitting damaged on the parking lot ground for over five minutes before he finally came out from the shock he was in due to what had just happened.  Shortly after that, new parts were ordered, delivered, replaced and order was restored.  A few minutes later, the world was back in balance and the Melby Trophy fell back into the hands of the deserving championship captain.