For 2023, due to low turnout for 3×3, there will not be a 3×3 tournament but instead we will be introducing some basketball related events including a 3-point contest where you can win 50/50 raffle entries.  If there is any interest in having this grow into an actual 3×3 tournament in the future, please let any of the Melby Memory Charities staff members know.

The Melby Memorial 3×3 Basketball Tournament (MMBB) is run by the non-profit organization Melby Memorial Charities (MMC) for the purpose of raising funds to assist sporting families including volleyball & running in need as well as help promote and support the sports of volleyball, basketball, pickleball and cornhole and running in any way we’re able to. There are those out there in our volleyball & running families that have fallen upon hard times, possibly due to a medical condition or an unexpected turn for the worse and are having a difficult time making ends meet. MMC reaches out to those families in attempt to help out as much as we possibly can financially. Our goal is to hopefully make a difficult time be less painful. Our inaugural year was spent helping a member of our volleyball family, and was the reason we constructed this organization, the Paul Melby family. Paul Melby passed away at a young age from a heart condition, leaving behind a wife and 3 young children. Paul was an unbelievable athlete, friend and teammate. He was, and will always be our true inspiration for the creation of this tournament. Each year we will reach out to similar families and organizations to help.